Our Vision

Our vision is simple; to ensure the absolute best outcomes for all the children in our schools.

Our values
✦Every child in a school with outstanding outcomes
✦Schools get better by working together
✦Strong schools need strong leaders
✦Our community and geography are shared; we understand the context of all the other schools
✦Every school is unique – we cherish the individual ethos and character of Trust schools

Outstanding outcomes for children comes from:
✦Developing highly effective teaching and learning by sharing practice, training and research
✦Securing strong leadership at all levels through challenge, intervention, support and professional development
✦Ensuring governance is strategic, well informed and questioning by rigorous analysis of strengths and areas for development and a continuous drive to improve
✦Making sure each school has an accurate, thorough and regular quality assurance and data reporting programme and uses data to inform actions
✦ Drive for outstanding practice
✦ Trust and respect for each other
✦ Willingness to share
✦ Always putting children’s interests first