About us

The history of PLT is relatively short. We started with four schools who wanted to build a multi academy trust with a distinctive ethos. We have grown and will continue to grow as other schools choose to buy into that ethos. We will not grow beyond the region around St Austell and want every academy to be reachable by any other PLT academy within a lunchtime. We are a local solution to the need for collaboration between neighbouring schools. There are currently eight schools in the Trust.

Carclaze Primary
Fowey Primary
Lostwithiel Primary
Luxulyan Primary

Mevagissey Primary
Mount Charles Primary
Penrice Academy
St Mewan Primary

What is PLT?
PLT is a community of like minded schools that work together to ensure outstanding outcomes for children. Academies in the Trust are a collaborative community held together by legal safeguards and protocols. The Trust recognises that every school is unique and will find its own way to success but that all schools also benefit from sharing knowledge and challenging each other to do better. Schools are for children and we want every school to aim at securing outstanding outcomes for those children.

We believe that headteachers should lead learning and teaching and have invested in securing highly effective, responsive and approachable ‘back office’ functions so that they are able to do so without distraction. We work together in the unique context of the coastal and clay communities of mid South Cornwall.

Our values are:
✦Every child in a school with outstanding outcomes
✦Schools get better by working together
✦Strong schools need strong leaders
✦Our community and geography are shared; we understand the context of all the other schools
✦Every school is unique – we cherish the individual ethos and character of Trust schools

Outstanding outcomes for children comes from:
✦Developing highly effective teaching and learning by sharing practice, training and research
✦Securing strong leadership at all levels through challenge, intervention, support and professional development
✦Ensuring governance is strategic, well informed and questioning by rigorous analysis of strengths and areas for development and a continuous drive to improve
✦Making sure each school has an accurate, thorough and regular quality assurance and data reporting programme and uses data to inform actions
✦ Drive for outstanding practice
✦ Trust and respect for each other
✦ Willingness to share
✦ Always putting children’s interests first

Principles for school leaders, directors and governors:
✦ You have to buy into the vision of the drive for outstanding. ‘Good’ is not good enough
✦ This is a long term relationship based on mutual trust and confidence in each other. It requires all of us to have the courage to admit we have it wrong or need help and the generosity of spirit to put all of the Trust children first, not just the ones in your own school
✦ Openess, transparency and accountability are required of each school
✦ All resource costs have to be strictly controlled. The aim is to deliver a low cost, high value education
✦ Governance at a local level and Board level has to be strong and effective. Not all governors will be able to meet the demands of the role

Role of the PLT Board
✦ Set the strategic direction of the Trust
✦ Ensure there is a continuous drive to improve standards in every school
✦ Maintain a level of financial probity and effectiveness
✦ Quality assure governance at a local level
✦ Assess, consider and reduce risks to the Trust and to the children and staff within the Trust
✦ Delegate powers to Local Governing Bodies

Role of Local Governing Bodies
✦ Act within the agreed Scheme of Delegated Governance Functions
✦ Set targets for the school and monitor progress towards those targets
✦ Take responsibility for standards, safeguarding and safety on the school site
✦ Take responsibility for the oversight of the delegated budget

Our region
Our region stretches from Fowey to Mevagissey, including all the urban areas and villages in-between. It is St Austell Bay and the surrounding Clay hinterland. It is an area characterised by:
✦ Low levels of post 16 education in the workforce and below average wages
✦ Below average proportions of economically active adults
✦ Below average engagement with university

Strategic Intent
1. Every academy improves – measured by overall attainment and progress, Ofsted grade and Trust wide monitoring.
2. Grow the Trust further to maximise potential economies.
3. Every academy has cost effective and high impact support in finance, HR, IT and premises.
4. Academy staff are highly effective in their roles through training and support.
5. Governance is insightful, appropriately challenging and strategic at all levels.
6. Leadership development and succession planning is embedded in the system.